Well, what can I say? I was hacked.

Posted by on February 23, 2018

Just in case any of you felt like showing up and saw the site was down, I was hacked through some plugin that I didn’t keep up to date. Just goes to show you that it can happen to anyone if you aren’t paying attention.

We’re back.


Well, I have an interesting update for you.  I wasn’t actually “hacked” other than the front page title of my site being changed.  Apparently, through the aforementioned outdated plugin, basic information such as titles could be changed.  Nothing much else malicious could have been done through the vulnerability.

I was contacted directly by guy from a company called Sitelock.  They   stated directly they were working in tandem with my provider (recently purchased by EIG in bulk with like 70 other hosting providers) and it was a routine scan that detected the malware that was “infecting” my site.

They went on and tried to throw some technical mumbo jumbo at me to try to gauge my level of tech savvy and when I mentioned it seemed like a phishing scam, they immediately connected me with my hosting provider (probably the same people).  This is a scam at the basest level and I WILL be changing from Bluehost to another hosting provider as soon as my contract is finished. 

The motherfucker was saying I needed to pay him 300 bucks to delete two files on my site….

Josh found a threads all over reddit about this.

This is a known phishing/hard sell scam online.  Google it and you will see. 

Knowledge might not be power, but it can certainly save you 300 bucks.


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