Parisian dialect.

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You will need 5 days. Not because the sprawling expanse of France’s capital city is oppressive and obstacle-full; it’s because the locals move quickly through the public transport hubs and that’s the only situation in which they are actually spry. I had dinner in a great local restaurant/cafe/bar called Le Plomb du Cantal and it cost nearly 4 hours. Where we sat, there were several folks that had been there since the afternoon and were still there carousing as we departed. Time is unrelenting to those that lack it and unforgiving to them that need it.

I was absolutely abashed at their dinner culture. Afterall, I hail from a country where we eat fried chicken and pizza with our hands and live in a country where you could encounter a deficating baby being held aloft outside the door of a restaurant. I was unable to wield fork and knife anywhere near an adult level and the lack of glasses upon the table amused the bartender.

Yeah…5 euros.

A negative level in French while traveling in France is shy but bearable. They laugh at your ignorance in a forgivable way if you fain attempt and utter a few pathetic words. Be wary, those that don’t respect the French language, you might be barred service or accosted. Nod and smile, grin and nod.  

Notre Dame is a massive facility, dripping with history and gargoyles burnt by acid rain. It’s worthy a few visits, but the trip to the towers is debatable. You could get a good view of the city and the surrounds from Montmartre or Sacre-Coeur without the hour+ queue.  A great afternoon could be spent just walking about the small islet that houses this gothic cathedral. Views of the Seine’s many bridges and bikini clad sunbathers are some of the other sites. Small streets also house hidden gems. I found a place that fresh squeezes OJ for 5eu a liter. Totally destroyed my jet lag.

The Louvre is a must but either do research before entering or grab your audio guide for 5 euro (for the apt: rumors circulate that the audio guide was pirated online). It’s like any major museum or temple – sans a specific understanding of what you are looking at, it all gets to be extreme in culture. You’ll suffer painting boredom. It was too post modern watching people selfie with the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Is it deemed evolution to photograph ancient works of art or forgery? Plagurism? It seems ugly behavior to me. Why can’t they just stand and enjoy?

The cemetery that holds Jim Morrison’s bones closed at half 5. Missed it. People ARE strange.

The tower is the tower. The cost to go up is against backpacker norms and oozes tourist, just find a nice hill to snapshot from. It’s free and with no pickpockets.Two.point.Five days is a sad attempt at conquering Paris and merely breaks the egg’s skin. I missed the snobbery that this place is famous for. Being told to pointlessly stand at the bar to be seated by the boss after the waiter told us to sit down wasn’t that at all, it was education. He was teaching me how it’s supposed to be. Thanks for the unforgettable lesson in the Parsian dialect. I will ask for a table using it when I return.

Now on a second class sleeper to Nice. Will get some pics up when I remember how I did it last time.

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2 Responses to “Parisian dialect.”

  1. Greg Says:

    Jaclyn and I did 5 days in Paris last year for our honeymoon and had similar experiences. We went into Louvre with intention to see Egyptian and Greco-roman antiquities and thoroughly enjoyed it, since we kept our focus and didn’t try to see a bunch of paintings of dead rich Europeans.
    Did you go to the CATACOMBES???
    Jac and I did the Catacombes and Le Pere Chaise cemetery (Morrison) the same day and enjoyed it.
    If you look at my Facebook photo albums you can see our Paris and Munich pics from the honeymoon. Quite enjoyable. We liked Munich better, except for the Catacombes!

  2. Mydnight Says:

    Merci, senior. Going to Spain tomorrow. We missed the catacombs unfortunately. Just had too much fun with the cheap wine. Lines here and there were also insane. What did u make of the food?

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