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Posted by on February 27, 2018

Just found a review that never got published because the local forum wanted advertising cash instead of truth.  Pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Greener on the Other Side

What is the crux of a dining experience? Where do the toes draw the line in the sand? Is it the overall ambiance of the establishment? If so, Green Bistro gets 5-stars for the clean linens, warm layout, intimate table setting and the caring 100% English experience. Would it be the selection of gastronomy? It wasn’t so varied or unforeseen in this arena. How about the food quality and flavor? Should a meritorious attempt and a hope of improvement be worth multiple visits? Should one venture suggestions? What’s a boy to do?

For many Chinese diners, not being surprised is a great leap forward in the direction of continued business – the old standbys maintain a sense of safety. The menu should have some easily recognizable dishes like “Italian Noodles” or Spaghetti Bolognese for the apt and an assortment of salads. These dishes of course would be shared out to smaller plates like in any local eatery and the bread to be fork-speared instead of being eaten with hands. Bistro walks this thick line of commonality successfully. The menu features pastas, pizzas, salads and bready appetizers. The dishes are well prepared, garnished and presented expertly; just like the restaurant around the corner and then the one down the street, probably the one across town. It’s not a botch, but it’s also not unexpected. Serving sizes won’t wow, but overall, everything is tasty and the pizzas come recommended. On the boozy side, the wine list won’t bust a purse string but also won’t turn any heads. A decent bottle of wine for 160 in a restaurant in Dongguan is fairly unheard of.

Somewhere amidst this confluence of Western and domestic cuisine cultures, the final question to be considered would be to whom is this restaurant catering? The menu suggests the expat while the overt platitudes seem to speak deeply to the tuhao money burners. Clean, white linens and comically oversized wine glasses aside, it’s hard to say if Green Bistro is unique enough to be able to survive with their well in the box approach to dining. In this case, the green should have been colored a bit outside the lines.

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