Côte d’zur.

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I’m not trying to be fancy, it just simply means “the blue coast.” For years it’s been famed for being THE place for uppity, European aristocrats to sunbathe in thongs and moor their yachts while drowning in champagne. It seems the masses have wedged themselves in between that tired Hollywood cliche and how the rest of the world travels: economy class and train. The remainder of us can see through the looking glass into their gated communities, 5* hotels and their huge boats gleaming in contrast with the endless blue. They are probably drinking the same cheap wine like everyone else; it’s that good.

The area around Cannes, Montecarlo, Nice, Antibes, and Villefranche are all lined with water bluer than toilet cleaner. The Mediterranean seems twice as salty as the Atlantic so only a fool could possibly drown. It’s best to spend as much time doing aquatic activities as possible and doing shutterbug activities involving the water as the other “sites” seem  

The hidden cove I swam.

 slammed with tourists and not really worth it. After visiting Grasse, I felt like an absolute failure. Keep in mind that on Sunday as well as Monday in France, hardly anyone works. Wait, it’s just in Asia where Sunday isn’t revered as some special day. Been away from civilization too long and worked on so many Sunday’s, it’s chipped away at my humanity.

Grasse could have been a odoriferous day trip as it’s famed for being the birthplace of the perfume industry, and that’s an important distinction. Whereas the other ancient areas of the world used colognes for culture and goD, the French were some of the first to sell it and get rich. They followed the trends and the pop culture through the centuries like David Bowie changed his sound to fit the decade. I learned that Chanel #5’s bottle design was special for being ordinary and out of the bombastic trend of the day. Hindsight, didn’t feel it was really worth it to bus/train back and forth to this place to visit a museum with broken exhibits; it all seemed half-assed and a theft of 6 euros. Wikipedia has better info.

Nice is nice. Just stay here the whole time and eat sandwiches and take out pizza. The Metroprix had choices a gourmand would nod at with a shaking triple chin. Do cook if you have the facility. About 80% of the restaurants here are disposable and are looking for the single serving diner. In the middle of the “ancient area” mess is an oyster shack called Au Posiedon. It’s much better than Cafe du Turin on the main drag and has nearly the same selection of fresh shellfish. Even with no French, they are happy to help and the service is no nonsense and prompt! As for the pizza, straight down from Place Garibaldi and around a corner near Le Port Is a joint by the name Pizza Snacks. Really, no other ad. You can get a margarita pizza for like 8 euro which may come as a welcome change from mini serving sizes on huge plates.

As for the water, walk down to the port, hang a left and make your way around the rue in the opposite direction of the famous beach area. About half a  kilometer up the road, you’ll see several small shoals below with people sunbathing and swimming. These are the places the locals and other European frequenters relax. The beach area for tourists is also beautiful but rife with scammers and thieves.

I will absolutely come again and next time spend 2 weeks.

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