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GT Club

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

“Beer?” “Ya, don’t want to drop several hundred on misinformed booze.” One hundred and fifty RMB later, we were faced with six sad cans of Budweiser between the two of us. We were informed of the occasional promotion where 220 can get you 24 cans instead of the usual 12, but it still wasn’t very appealing. “I don’t think this is the kind of place I would bring my girlfriend,” Liu said. It’s the kind of place I wouldn’t even bring someone else’s.

“What do you make of those lights? It’s like Disco Inferno meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Liu chuckled missing the references, “It’s to see the girls clearer; people like shiny lights. It’s comforting to them.” The exterior is simply sleazy. It’s looks pre-adult entertainment crackdown with its LED runners flashing in a random patterns around the entry way. We drank our warm beer from shot glasses and waited for something to happen as the place felt as if some eruption was imminent. The floor in the center of the bar is raised like a cat walk and the girls occasionally pranced along it to Timber, mimicking with suggestive, faux-burlesque gestures. “I think I am in love,” Liu smirked, pointing at a leggy lady in a dress more resembling a loin cloth.

“Man, the prices on the menu are pretty shocking. This is absolutely not the kind of place to frequent to save some dimes.” “It’s a bit of old Dongguan for me,” Liu said, “back when expense accounts would be reimbursed with no questions asked. More than a thousand for a bottle of alcohol was nothing in the past.” The uneasy bartender kept trying to push modestly priced Long Islands and Mojitos on us like a corner dealer; a low quota could mean his job. “Yes, coming here has definitely been an education, surreal even.” Ms. Leggy playfully blew a kiss to Liu and he turned beet red.

“Pretty nice big screen, though. We could have some mad parties here with the right music.” “It’s a bit too backstreet for me,” Liu remarked. Actually, he was right, GT Club is situated behind two or three other clubs and down an alley away from any main thoroughfares. “Far enough away from accountability for you?” “Exactly,” he smiled.


Thursday, September 18th, 2014

I have found that I am a mean sober.

No more.

Friday, September 12th, 2014

I can’t keep going on like this. I like to have a few shots or a few beers like the a normal guy, but why do I keep wanting more? Is it in my DNA? Lineage? I am heading back to the states on the 23rd. I will try my best to only have a few with you. Perhaps better to not encourage me.

A byproduct of the culture here is that to do business, you must drink. To get that contract, it has to be in a state of semi-inebriation. It’s pathetic posturing from small, weak people. Is that still culture?

I didn’t lose my job because of alcohol. I didn’t lose friends or damage any relationships. I didn’t gamble away any money or lose wealth because of it. Am I a bad person because I can down a fifth at one sitting? I don’t often lose my temper and say something rash. I haven’t fought anyone. Perhaps because there are few repercussions, I let it go on as long as I did.

On the contrary, it’s gained me friends, wealth, status. It’s opposite those things they tell you in the after school programs.

I am going to stop it altogether. You seriously feel better not boozing. I quit for a month or so before I was dragged back into it because of work and things. I make excuses. Of course I wanted some black label.

I have the strength to quit. It’s what I will do. You can’t get a six pack by drinking one.